Welcome to the Town of Sandy Creek, NY

Welcome to the Town of Sandy Creek, NY.

Located in the heart of scenic Upstate New York, Sandy Creek is a community of concerned citizens with strong family values.

The town of Sandy Creek, NY is rich in history and covers over 200 years.

Sandy Creek is a fine place to call home and a great place to raise your family. We welcome you to our community and to our website.

Lacona, our sister village is located just to the East of Sandy Creek. The Village will celebrate 132 years in 2012 and a Lacona History book is planned. Read more...

New information is now available regarding New York’s Eastern Lake Ontario Dune and Wetland System. Check the Public Documents page.

Important Notice:

The Town of Sandy Creek Water Department is advising residents of Water District #1 to run a drizzle, approximately the size of a pencil lead, of cold water at night from one faucet during this extremely cold weather. This will help avoid the freezing of the water infrastructure. The current frost line is below the 5 feet mark which could cause water laterals and mains to freeze. If you go over the basic usage on your first water bill, the bill may be adjusted accordingly in April. The potential for freezing is greatest during times of low water use, overnight and weekends. Please spread the word to your neighbors in Water District #1, the area near Sandy Pond. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter. Residents may call the Town Clerk’s office at 387-5456 X6 with questions or concerns.

About Us

The earliest settlers came to Sandy Creek and established residence in 1803. Our residents took part in the War of 1812 and Sandy Creek can boast the “Big Cheese” which was sent to President Andrew Jackson in 1835.

The Oswego County Fair is entering its 156th year, the twin villages of Sandy Creek and Lacona as stated by a visitor who stayed here because of a snow storm in the early nineteenth century, “the friendliest people live here." Read more...

We welcome your comments and questions and we try to respond as quickly as possible. Thanks for visiting our site!>

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In The News...

Library Trustees Needed - The Town of Sandy Creek is seeking volunteers to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Annie Porter Ainsworth Memorial Library.

Please send a letter of interest and resume to Town Supervisor Nancy Ridgeway, PO Box 52, Sandy Creek, NY 13145 or to scsupervisor@frontiernet.net ASAP. Call 387-5456 X5 with questions.

Final Draft of the Town of Sandy Creek
Comprehensive Plan

2016 Regular Town Meeting Schedule

Town Officers

Supervisor: Nancy Ridgeway

Clerk: Tammy L Miller

Justices: Terry E Crast, Victoria Longo

Tax Collector: Tammy L Miller

Assessor: Rhonda M Weigand

Highway Superintendant: Michael Kastler

Historian: Charlene Cole

Dog Control Officer: Marjorie O'Grady

Planning Board Chair: Shirley Rice

Code Enforcement Officer: John Howland

Bookkeeper: Jill Mattison