Sandy Creek, NY Town Hall

Dog Control Officer

Anne Derr
If you have lost or found a dog, please call the Town Clerk's Office
at 315-387-5456 X6
After hours, please call the Dog Control Officer directly at 315-783-8706

Spay / Neuter Information About Your Pet
Licensing, Identification and Control of Dogs
Dog Control Local Law #2

Please License Your Dog

In New York State all dogs four months old and over must be licensed annually. In the Town of Sandy Creek, including the villages of Sandy Creek and Lacona, dogs must be licensed in the Town Clerk’s Office at the Town Hall, 1992 Harwood Drive, PO Box 52, Sandy Creek, NY 13145. Dog owners must present a valid rabies certificate and a spay or neuter certificate if applicable. A license for a spayed or neutered dog costs $6, while a license for an unaltered dog costs $14.