Sandy Creek, NY Town Hall

Highway Superintendent

Michael Kastler

Michael Kastler
PO Box 52, Sandy Creek, NY 13145
315-387-5456 ext.8 | fax 315 387-2702

State law sets forth detailed and precise duties and responsibilities for a town Superintendent of Highways

Snow Removal and Ice Control Policy


Care, superintendence, repair and maintenance (including snow and ice control) of town highways and bridges.

Within the limits of appropriations employ such persons as may be necessary for the maintenance and repair of town highways and bridges, and the removal of obstructions caused by snow and provide for the supervision of such persons.

Construct and keep in repair sluices and culverts and cause the waterways, bridges and culverts to be kept open.

Cause loose stones lying in the beaten track of every town highway within the town to be removed at least three times each year between the first day of April and the first day of December.

Cause briers, brush and noxious weeds growing within the bounds of town highways to be cut and removed between July 15 and August 15, and as many other times as may be deemed necessary, in each year.

Cause such town highways as shall have been laid out, but not sufficiently described, and such as shall have been used for twenty years, but not recorded, to be ascertained, described and entered on record in the Town Clerk’s office.

Cause the monuments erected, or to be erected, as the boundaries of town highways, to be kept up and renewed so that the extent of such highway boundaries may be publicly known, and erect and establish such new monuments as may be required by the county Superintendent.

Bring an action in the name of the town … to sustain the rights of the public, in and to any town highway in the town … and to recover any damages sustained or suffered, or expenses incurred by such town, in consequence of any act or omission of any … person or corporation, in violation of any law or contract in relation to such highway.

During the construction or improvement of a town highway, if such highway be closed to the traveling public and another existing highway is caused to be used in lieu of the closed highway provide, erect and maintain a sufficient number of detour signs so that the temporary route or detour shall be clearly indicated throughout its entire length.

Collect all penalties prescribed by the Highway Law.

Maintain all sidewalks in the town constructed by the state adjacent to state highways and all sidewalks in the town constructed by the county adjacent to county roads and, when authorized by the Town Board, cause the removal of snow there from, and the cost thereof shall be paid from the miscellaneous or other town funds.

Have the power to employ an engineer subject to approval of the Town Board.