Sandy Creek, NY Town Hall

Planning Board

From the Village of Sandy Creek:
Lawrence Rice - Chair
Shirley Rice

From the Town of Sandy Creek:
Frank Dixon - Vice Chair
William Joyce - Secretary / Treasurer
Richard Machemer
Sybil Cummins - Recording Secretary
Patricia Machemer

Town Alternates:

Note All Members are required to attend at least 4 hours of formal training per year. For more information, please contact the Town Clerk at 315 387-5456 or the Village Clerk at 315 387-5781

Who We Are

The general function of the Planning Board is to collect, research, document, and update available data related to the Town and Village of Sandy Creek; formulate policy and make recommendations to the constituent municipalities; serve as a source of information for the citizens and local governments; promote the concept of home rule, while working cooperatively with other local, state, and federal agencies; and work for the health, welfare, and general well-being of the community.

We are always looking for interested participants to serve as alternate members, who would then be available to fill future vacancies. In order to be eligible for appointment to the Planning Board, a prospective member must be:

• a property owner within the municipality he or she will represent, or a registered voter of that municipality.

• must be at least 18 years of age at time of appointment.

• must be a resident of the municipality he or she represents for at least 60 days prior to the time of appointment.

2022 Meetings


Meeting Agenda

4-6-2022 Board Meetine

Meeting Agenda

3-2-2022 Board Meeting

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2-22-2022 Board Meeting

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1-5-2022 Board Meeting

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2021 Meetings

12-1-2021 Board Meeting

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11-21-2021 Board Meeting

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10-6-2021 Board Meeting

Meeting Agenda

9-1-2021 Board Meeting

We will be holding a PUBLIC HEARING for Mr. Rabetoy and Finishing Touch 2 opening at 7:00 pm

Meeting Agenda
239 Letter Rabetoy

8-4-2021 Board Meeting

Meeting Agenda
Nexus Renewables (first scan)

7-7-2021 Board Meeting

Meeting Agenda
Graf Site Plan
Graf Site Plan EAF

6-2-2021 Board Meeting

Meeting Agenda (not available)

PB Guile Review Referral Response file
Pond Pit BBQ Site Plan Modification file

4-7-2021 Board Meeting

Meeting Agenda (not available)

Wesleyan Church Site Plan Review

2022 Planning Board Minutes